& Rent

Mobile Design

  • ROLE

    Graphic Designer

  • DATE

    JAN 2020


    Visit & Rent is an application that will allow people to request visits to apartments that they cannot visit in person. The person who requests pay for the visit. The other person visits and takes photos / videos sends them and receives their payment. Facilitating the visit process avoiding rent scams. Visit Prototype

Visit & Rent



I started with a mind mapping and flowchart.
Used Adobe XD to design Wireframes to guide and arrange elements.
The colour palette was created based on clean design and some contrast colours for icons and messages.

Visit & Rent Flowchart

Visit & Rent Wireframe
Visit & Rent Wireframe
Visit & Rent Wireframe



The application is still in progress, now I am working on development and coding.

  • Visit & Rent app
  • Visit & Rent app
  • Visit & Rent app